Rectory restoration project update:  It's finished (almost)!!! 

(including Recent photos)

St. Luke's Parish has undertaken a huge project in the restoration and renovation of the Rectory residence. It was found to contain hazardous materials and was in great need of updating to provide a safe, comfortable and efficient residence for the Rector. Below you will find updates of the project. 

Immediately below is a photo gallery of the most recent photos taken Nov. 19 at the coffee-hour hosted by the Vestry. These photos show the beautifully restored Rectory. 

Below the first gallery are earlier photos of the re-construction project. And, there is an opportunity for you to help the Parish with this substantial project. 

Please visit our photo section for more pictures of the new Rectory:  CLICK HERE

Please help!

This great undertaking is not possible without the support of you, our congregation members, who have contributed your time, resources, advice and knowledge, as we have gotten underway. 

If you are able, please consider a donation today to help cover costs associated with this renovation. You can send in a check, contribute stock, or go online to make a donation electronically through our website.  Click here: 

...and select “Rectory Renovation Fund.” If there are questions or you’d like more information, please contact Rev. Brunelle or Tara Brinka in the church office at 631-329-0990.


We will post further reports as progress continues, and plan to take many more pictures along the way to document the accomplished renovations.  Once again, thank you for your support and contributions in caring for St. Luke’s.

Updating electrical and plumbing is a key component

Updating all the electrical and plumbing systems is a long overdue need and finally addressed. When looking at the exposed structure of the building, it is even more obvious that the decision to remain with the current floor plan and preserve the integrity of the original design was a good choice. The Rectory is a valuable asset to the Parish and will now be in great condition, and even more importantly, healthy and safe for our Rector and future inhabitants.

The first step was removal of hazardous waste in the building.


A company specializing in hazardous waste removal worked in the Rectory and this phase of the project is complete.  During this process there was no access to the building, (pictures taken through the window), After testing for hazardous materials, access was permitted on Monday, June 12.  Then the serious work of rebuilding began!

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