Volunteers are needed for the altar guild, outreach committee, and the fellowship committee

Becoming an active participant in the life of the church does not require a major commitment of time – we are happy to put what time you have to good work!  It is an investment well worth making - and for those who participate, it is an enriching and rewarding experience:

altar guild

Martha Murray on the Altar Guild - 

“For me, the time spent preparing the altar for a service is a time of quiet reflection - order, beauty, God and faith all come together as I place a paton on the Chalice or count the hosts for the wafer box. It is service to God and service to my church and I feel exhilarated yet humble when I leave the sacristy."

Please contact Charles Riggi at chazriggi@optonline.net  if you are interested in volunteering for the Altar Guild.

Fellowship committee

Gail Parker on Fellowship -

“For me, fellowship is one of the most important aspects of spiritual life at St. Luke’s. Readings, homilies and sermons often speak to the Christian value of “having a heart for hospitality”.  Fellowship events that create opportunities for parishioners to meet, greet, mix and mingle strengthen the fabric of the congregation. Meeting the person who sits on the other side of the center aisle on Sundays fosters a climate of togetherness.  Yes, planning and orchestrating a variety of “no cost” events can be hard work, but the rewards, the fun and the companionship of others willing to serve on a Fellowship Committee, far outweigh the cost of a few extra hours setting up tables and drying dishes!”

If you are interested in volunteering for the Fellowship Committee, please contact Janie Miller at miller7janie@gmail.com

Outreach committee

Gerald Pane on Outreach -

“For me, the Brown Bag Lunch Program is, apart from a rewarding experience, a much needed reality check. Living in a privileged area, I often forget (willfully or not) the hardships endured by some of our brothers and sisters. East Hampton is not like Manhattan where the homeless are seemingly, and sadly, ever-present and create moral challenges with their spoken and unspoken requests for spare change. Here, the needy are, for the most part, invisible. But hunger is not restrained by zip codes, and the cluster of job-seeking (mostly) men at the LIRR station bring this into focus. Our program is, to me, a small but much needed community effort where a few can make a significant difference in the lives of many. The smiles and evident gratitude of the brown bag lunch recipients are all the reward one needs."

If you are interested in volunteering for the Outreach Committee, please contact Holly Whitmore at htwanew@yahoo.com 

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