Bible study

Bible Study has concluded for this session, where we studied The Gospel according to Mark.  We invite you to listen to any of the recorded sessions, available below. The recordings for the study of Mark's Gospel are available, as well as previous sessions. Please scroll-down. 

Bible study will commence again in the Fall. Please watch here for notification, and in the Sunday bulletins. Bible study meets Wednesdays about 10:30am (following the Wednesday 10am service). We meet upstairs in the Seminar room in the Parish House. Please check here regularly for the specific class schedule, and to see what we will be studying. 

You may also attend by phone conference. Just dial 1-857-232-0156 and when asked for the conference code dial 469657 and you will be patched into the class. 

To listen to the most recent Bible study class recording, click on the white arrow in the black box, immediately below. Previous recordings are available if you scroll down. Click on the title of the recording you wish to hear. 

Please CLICK HERE to listen to previous Bible study class recordings, from sessions prior to 2017.  More recent recordings are available below. 

Important background on  Mark's  gospel

Fr. Denis highly recommends the following article on the ending of St. Mark’s Gospel. It helps to put in perspective why Bible Study is so important with someone who has a background in the scriptures.

Please CLICK HERE to go to the article Fr. Denis is recommending. 

Listen to recent bible study recordings

Below are the most recent Bible study recordings, beginning with January 2017. 

To listen, first click on the session you wish to hear. Then, click on the "play" arrow button.

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