rector's reflection

“Will you continue in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship...?” This question from the Rite of Baptism is part of our recommitment every time we celebrate that sacrament in our congregation, and every time we answer: 

“I will, with God’s help.”

As with most things in life, our faith formation is a process that requires some “stick-to-it” attitude. God’s help comes in providing opportunities for us to delve deeper into those God questions, the “why do I believe?” questions, those “I wonder what that symbolizes” moments, those times when I do not understand something and need to know for my own betterment. That is what Christian education, taking part in the apostles’ teaching, Bible Study, book clubs, is all about.

This Fall we focus on our Sunday school children, teachers and program. The good Lord blesses us with dedicated members who give of their time each week for the children of this congregation giving them the basics of “the apostles’ teachings”. I have never met a more caring group of teachers than ours. I thank them sincerely for their time and talent in imparting the core elements and

values of faith in our young ones.

However, Christian Education or Formation is not supposed to end when “I’m too old for Sunday school” comes into our lives. It is a life- long process of seeking a deeper understanding of who God is, how God participates in my life, how I can make decisions that are based on my faith in a loving Savior that re ect my own changed life in Christ. What opportunities do I take to deepen my own understanding of those elements? If I do “continuing education” for my own career, and read literature that deepens my knowledge for my job, why do I not do that for my spiritual life? If I want to know more, where can I go to get that knowledge?

Come see me, we will talk, and I will try to lead you on the right path to continue your journey of faith.

Will you continue in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship?

Only with God’s help, I will.

In Christ the Savior, 

Fr. Denis+

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