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Easter Reflection #2

Have you noticed that in the post resurrection stories that we've listened to how Jesus has to explain to the disciples what the scriptures said about him once again?  It once again struck me as I prepared for the homily on Easter 3.  I wondered what is it that Jesus might have said in bullet points so as not to take up lots of time explaining again.  So here is what I offer:

In Genesis I am the seed of Adam and Eve.

In Exodus I am the Passover lamb.

In Leviticus I am the high priest.

In Numbers I am the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night.

In Deuteronomy I am the prophet like unto Moses.

In Joshua I am the means of our salvation.

In Ruth I am you kinsman redeemer.

In 1 Samuel I am the ark and the mercy seat.

In 2 Samuel I am the king declared by the prophets.

In 1 Kings I am the true temple where all God's people gather.

In 2 Kings I am the mighty miracle maker.

In 1 Chronicles I am Adam's descendent who reigns forever.

In 2 Chronicles I am ever protecting royalty.

In Ezra I am the faithful scribe of God.

In Nehemiah I am the rebuilder of broken down walls.

In Esther I am Mordecai.

In Job I am the dayspring from on high.

In Psalms I am the Lord your shepherd.

In Proverbs I am God's word fitly spoken.

In Ecclesiastes I make sense of out nonsense.

In Solomon's Song I am the lover and the bridegroom.

In Isaiah I am the holy one of Israel.

In Jeremiah I am the righteous branch.

In Lamentations I am the weeping prophet.

In Ezekiel I am the wonderful four-faced man.

In Daniel I am the fourth man in the burning furnace.

In Hosea I am the forever faithful spouse.

In Joel I am the one crying out with the Spirit and Fire.

In Amos I am your burden-bearer.

In Obadiah I am mighty to save.

In Jonah I am swallowed up but alive on the third day.

In Micah I am the messenger with beautiful feet.

In Nahum I am the avenger of God's elect.

In Habakkuk I am God's evangelist, crying, "Revive my work..."

In Zephaniah I am the Savior

In Haggai I am the restorer of God's lost heritage.

In Zechariah I am the true king rejected by his own people.

In Malachi I am the son of righteousness.

Remember to give glory to God. Alleluia!

Fr. Denis+

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