rector's reflection

Each Sunday we gather around the Lord’s table to offer Eucharist. A greek work that means “thanksgiving”. As we prepare ourselves to assemble for our Annual Meeting on June 3, I find that I am in a very grateful spirit.

This June we will conclude nine years together in ministry. My prayer of thanks to God is for the wonderful people of St. Luke’s who have allowed me into their lives during times of joy at baptisms and marriages; in the times of sadness in hospitals and at funerals. For the friends and acquaintances made in these years enrich my life.

This month I am appreciative of those who have given of their time and talent as leaders in the parish. Ed Krug, whose help in “branding” St. Luke’s, makes our presence ever more rich in the local community.  Thank you Ed for your years of service on the Vestry and for your counsel, advice and care for this flock. To Chris Corwin, who as a father of a youngish family, has managed to offer six years on the Vestry and keep himself somewhat sane. His work with the fair, and those who assist him in this monumental event for the parish, has made our fair the main draw of the 4th of July weekend. Thank you Chris, a special thank you to Kristin, for allowing you to share your knowledge, zeal and spirit to this parish.

The beauty of our landscape and the transformation of our “look” we owe to Dianne Benson and Clif Thorn. (My focus is on Clif, no offense Dianne). On Saturdays sitting in my office working I will suddenly catch a glimpse of someone walking around the yard picking up twigs, cleaning out the flower beds, making the grounds more presentable. Sure enough, it’s Clif. This congregation is blessed by his care for the beauty of creation and for the centerpiece of our church grounds and building to the village and town of East Hampton. Thank you Clif for your term on the vestry and for your dedication.

Ruth Ann McSpadden shares her wisdom, grace, and hard-working spirit with us in so many ways: the summer fair, her counsel (even from South Carolina by phone), hospitality and above all her care for stewardship in the parish. Under her leadership we have exceeded previous goals of the “Every Member” stewardship and pledging in our parish. Because of her our ministry has been able to increase and touch more lives. Our ministry plan (formerly known as a budget) shows that our stewardship of service and of property is better because of the generosity of each of you during the annual appeal for support. Thank you Ruth Ann for your leadership in this crucial area.

Finally, but certainly not least in my book, Lysbeth Marigold, outgoing Warden. Lys is at times a consoler, pep talker, and most of all a friend. She loves this parish and does all sorts of things behind the scenes to promote our parish and the wonderful things we have to offer, and the wonderful people who make up this community of faith. Lys has a special place in her heart for our St. Peter’s Chapel in Springs. Her “Old Stone Highway Stroll” and other fund raising events for the chapel have helped in so many ways to keep our summer worship viable. Her willingness to serve at the Altar of the Lord as reader and Eucharistic Minister is meaningful to me. One of the best gifts Lys has given to us, is her hard work of over a year in putting together a wonderful history of St. Luke’s. Her book St. Luke’s Episcopal Church: Where God is Love, is the fruit of hours of reading all the Vestry Minutes from the very beginning of our congregation until recent times. She went through the entire church building looking at dedication inscriptions to make sure every gift was accounted for, and the people who were part of the foundation of our parish honored. As Lys ends her six years on the Vestry, four as a Warden, I owe her a deep felt sense of gratitude for her time and talent that enrich our ministry here at St. Luke’s.

My heart indeed is full of the joy of the Lord as I see new people willing to serve on the vestry, others stepping forward to help on the summer fair, outreach, worship and making sandwiches to feed the hungry. The Lord blesses us and so we gather to give “Eucharist” each week for those blessings.

With my love and respect, Your priest and fellow minister,

Fr. Denis+

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