rector's reflection

Alleluia, Christ is Risen.

The Lord is Risen indeed. Alleluia!

Here we are at another celebration of Easter.  But it is not just another celebration really. Easter is THE celebration or feast in the life of the Church and in the life of every Christian believer.  For this is the day the Lord has made. It was made for us, the day when Jesus conquers sin and death, the day when light overcomes darkness, when the true meaning of life is restored and offered to us freely without any condition.  I guess the question for me is - Do I receive it with joy and let it touch the innermost core of my being?  Do I accept this gift, not with selfish purpose, but with an idea that God will so enter into me to change my life for the better?  Will I say thank you Lord Christ for looking into my soul and washing away all that darkness that has haunted me, and taking the burning fire of your love and making it bright with your presence?

You see the gift is offered, the sacrifice accomplished, the Christ is advocating for us at the right hand of the Father and looking with love and mercy on us. I reach out my hands and accept that gift with gratefulness. For God's generosity moves me to humbleness. God's generosity moves me to be generous as well. God's generosity shows me the abundance of true life, God's life as personified in Jesus, the Son of the Living God, who has mercy on us and gives the newness and fullness of life to us.

Risen Savior, King of Glory, You are the Resurrection and the Life. I believe!

In Christ the Savior, 

Fr. Denis+

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