St. luke's saturday activities for kids

Saint Luke’s is pleased to announce a program for kids that will run through this fall and winter with an activity each month. 

There is no charge for admission to any of the shows.

All events are free and are held at St. Luke's, 18 James Lane, East Hampton (by the pond). 

Here's the schedule:

(Download the full schedule here: SCHEDULE )

Saturday, Feb. 26, at 1pm

"Harness the Power of the Wind"

Saturday, March 12 at 1pm

"Make your own Puppet"

Saturday, March 19, at 1pm

Enjoy the Magic of Alexo

Saturday, March 26, at 1pm

Enter "Star-Lab" with the Long Island Science Center

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“Gone With the Wind”

February 26, 1PM to 2PM

Join the Long Island Explorium to build a vehicle with a sail that can be propelled across the floor using the wind. Explore what design works best so that your vehicle moves the fastest and can change direction. Explore how changes in the size of your sail, wind speed, and shape of your vehicle affect its speed.


Maximum of 12 kids/grades 4-6

Free registration required at:

a world of magic

"Magic of alexo"

March 19, 1pm to 2pm

Enjoy the world of magic in a show that features lots of audience participation and interaction leaving everyone laughing, entertained, and mystified.

Maximum of 15 kids/all ages

Free registration required at: 

explore the night sky

"star-lab" at Long island science center

March 26, 1pm to 2pm

Enter StarLab, an inflatable planetarium, 

to explore the night sky and learn to recognize and name constellations while you listen to Native American myths.

Maximum of 15 kids/grades 4-6

Free registration required at:

fly a drone, program a robot

April 23, 1pm to 2pm

“Be a Techie!”

Join iCAMP for a workshop where you will learn about technology by programming robots, flying drones, conducting hands-on experiments, and competing in engineering challenges.


Maximum of 12 kids/ages 6-9

Free registration required at: