St. Luke's annual meeting was June 7, 2020 via zoom meeting. 

The Annual Report is available to read HERE.

Vestry nominations

Merle McDonald-Aaron, Nominated for 2 year term as Warden (2022): 

I was born on the Island of Trinidad and moved to the US in 1993. I was brought up in the Anglican community and wanted to continue in my faith, so my late husband, Robert, introduced me to St Lukes, and I have been attending since then, mostly at the 8:00am service. St Lukes has become my spiritual home, and when I am away, I look forward with anticipation to coming home to my St Luke's family. I currently serve as a mem- ber of the Altar Guild. I am a past president of the Montauk Chamber of Commerce and served on the Board of Directors of the Montauk Playhouse. Having served previously on the Vestry, I am honored to be of service in this new capacity.

Jeffrey Sussman, Nominated for 3 year term (2023). 

I have been a member of St. Luke's since 1986 and soon thereafter became a Lay Eu- charistic Minister. During the late 1980s, I served on the vestry when Fritz Creamer was rector. In addition, as head of my own marketing/PR compa- ny, I volunteered my services to promote concerts at St. Bartholomew Church in Manhattan. I also advised its rector, Tom Bowers, on several public relations issues. As a St. Luke's vestry member, I intend to use my professional expertise to help the church reach its goals of increasing its membership and promoting its good works to the community at large. In addition to my PR activities, I am the author of fourteen books; the newest will be published in the fall.

Justin Udelhofen, Nominated for 3 year term (2023) and Treasurer by appointment.

 I am grateful to have been raised in Cuba City, Wisconsin and now divide time between East Hampton and New York City. My wife Caroline and I found our home in St. Lukes during 2016 after returning north from Jacksonville, Florida. Her late grandfather Howard Dean served as Senior Warden and we are thankful for family and friends throughout St. Lukes and the communi- ty. Since graduating from Harvard College in 2002, my professional work has been in public equities. Having served on the Finance/ Investment Committee since 2018, and recently as Vestry Clerk, I aim to build on the great work undertaken over recent years. I seek to

bring conservatism and analytical rigor toward continuing to strengthen our Parish and look forward to serving St. Lukes in this capacity.

Hugh Tilney, Nominated for second 3 year term (2023): 

I was born and spent the first 45 years of my life in the UK. In 1987 I moved to New York and met and married Helene, my wife. I spent the first 25 years of my professional life in insurance at Lloyd's of London. After the move to New York, I was Chief Operating Officer of an investment management company from which I retired five years ago. Most recently, here at St. Lukes I am a member of the Finance Committee, have attended this parish for many years and am impressed with the for- ward movement of our congregation in welcoming all people into our midst. I will do my best to contribute my ideas and care for St. Lukes during my term on the Vestry.

Teresa Schurr to fill 2 year unexpired term of Merle McDonald-Aaron (2022). 

My name is Teresa Loper Schurr, I am a 12th Generation Bonacker. I am married to my husband Robert Schurr (we just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary) and we have a daughter Samantha (19). Samantha has just fin- ished her first year at Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA. I have been a member of St. Lukes Church since my confirmation in 1976. I have been active with Sunday School as a teacher and helper as well as active in Outreach, I have been part of the annual family fair and participated for many years at our Christmas Bazar. I am a licensed insurance broker with Dayton Ritz & Os- borne. I have been with the company for over 21 year's. I gradu- ated from East Hampton High School in 1981. I am an avid bowler and go on many trips for tournaments with my team as well as a bowl in a weekly league. I also enjoy going to watch Samantha bowl with her college team at different matches.

David Cavalier to fill 1 year unexpired term of Dianne Benson (2021). 

I was born and raised in Manhattan, where I was baptized, confirmed and later married at St. Thomas Church. It was in the pews of St. Thomas, listening to the choir that I first developed my love of the Episcopal musical tradition I attended Trinity School in Manhattan and then did my undergraduate de- gree at Yale and my graduate degree in history at Oxford. I was lucky to marry my wife, Opal and we are blessed to have three children, Olivia (9), Philippa (known as Pippa”, 7) and William (5). We live year-round in Sag Harbor and all of our children attend the Sag Harbor Elementary School. Olivia, Pippa and William also love Sunday School at St. Lukes and I believe at least two of them want to join the choir. 

I started my career at Goldman Sachs in investment banking and then worked at Tiger Management. In my professional world, I ran a fund that invested in biotechnology companies and later served as CFO of a biodefense company. Currently, I am serving as the COO of a startup in the direct-to-consumer health and wellness sector. I also serve on the Board of a public biotechnology company developing immunotherapy approaches for ovarian and breast cancer. I am honored to serve as the Chairman of the New York Board of Enterprise Community Partners, a national charity focused on policy, capital and program initiatives to address the affordable housing crisis in the United States. At St. Lukes its been my privilege to sing in the choir and to serve on the 2030 Vision Committee. Im also an avid pilot based at East Hampton airport and a terrible, but enthusiastic, ice hockey player.