A Holiday stewardship message

It is with open arms and warm appreciation that we have received 118 beautiful pledges to date. It is especially gratifying that more than half of those pledges have contained an increase — some a dollar per week and others much more. More great news comes with the welcoming of ten new pledges for 2019. While a few of those were from familiar faces who have stepped up to support our Church in this important way for the first time, generally it speaks loudly and positively of our growing and generous congregation.


All of this encouraging news stimulates an almost absolute certainty that we will reach our 4% increased goal of $403,000, which is just the right amount to see us through 2019. I am counting on those of you who have not yet submitted your pledge cards to make all of our St. Luke’s Christmas dreams come true. It would be wonderful if we could fulfill our target before January 1 — so PLEASE fill in your cards NOW.


Knowing that the finances of our beloved Church are as solid and nourishing as our belief in the Lord under the spiritual direction of Fr. Denis and Mother Leandra, and all of the aspects that draw us to St. Luke’s, I thank everyone for their kindness and am very grateful to the many who have accompanied their pledge with a note or an uplifting word.


To a Joy Filled Holiday Season,

Dianne Benson




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