news about our stewardship

Going into its fourth week, the STEWARDSHIP program has fantastic momentum, but still needs to hear from more than 100 of you.


With 61 pledges totaling 187,500 in hand, we are creeping up to half our goal of $402,000, which represents the much needed 4% increase that we are experiencing in the most basic of our expenses.


The 17 pledges received in the last days contained 13 with increases — some substantially more than 4%, and some less — that are dearly appreciated.


The wonderful congregation we share shows its spirit in so many ways. Although we ask much of you in support for our other needs and many outreaches — it is this pledge that is the lifeblood of our operation. 


Keep them coming and thank you immensely,

Dianne Benson


P.S.—This message from our Treasurer elucidates the financial position of our dear church:

Pledges for 2018 fell 2% rather than being up the 2% which was the stewardship goal, so we face an operating deficit of 2% this year. Assuming a 2% increase in expenses for 2019, a pledge increase of 4% is needed for revenues to catch up and equal expenses. With that in mind, we ask our members to reread the mission statement, prayerfully consider what it means to them, and pledge accordingly. 


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