st. luke's church, East Hampton

St. Luke's is an ever-growing community of people seeking to know and love God, neighbor and stranger. We welcome everyone as children of God created in the Divine image.

We are a church committed community to our mission to open wide our doors in the name of Christ. Although the past two years of pandemic have made this more difficult, we have continued to worship with and serve our community.


God calls us, the people of St. Luke’s, to open wide our doors in the name of Christ: 

to all who are young or old and need counsel; 

to all who are strong and want a task; 

to all who are lonely, weak or mourn and need comfort; 

to all who are sinful and need a Savior; 

to all who are weary and need rest; 

to all who are left out and need acceptance; 

to all who are grateful and need a place to give thanks and pray; 

to all who are called by worship of the Lord into community outreach; 

to all in Christ’s name we say, “Welcome.”

who we are

St. Luke's is a vibrant Christian community that provides its congregation with worship services that meet their spiritual needs well. We are blessed with clergy who deliver thought-provoking sermons each week and provide insight into the teachings of Christ.  

We are also an older congregation where the lack of young adults, children, and teenagers is a source of concern for the future. We believe that integrating children and teenagers into weekly worship is an essential part of building that future.

Fellowship is a vital part of the St. Luke's experience and the Christian life. We are already blessed with a community that provides fellowship, but there is a desire to increase activities that allow newcomers and current members to know each other better.

We are a congregation faithfully committed to worship and service; we want to grow and invigorate our community to better embody followers of Christ. Our parish is looking to the future. 

5 things to know about st. luke's

  1. Inclusivity and Acceptance
    St. Luke’s welcomes everyone as a child of God created in the divine image.  Each of us is part of Christ’s mission regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or any other characteristic.  Many congregants come to St. Luke’s from other faiths.  Each person is a different thread in a gorgeous tapestry of faith.   

  2. Community Service and Outreach
    St. Luke’s follows Christ’s mission through its support of the East Hampton food pantry, Laundry Love, ashes-to-go, and other community support.  St. Luke’s promotes social justice in all its forms and is unafraid to be a voice of Christian conscience in the east end community.

  3. Worship Services, Clergy & Music
    St. Luke’s provides a source of spiritual rejuvenation, peaceful contemplation, and comfort.  The services and liturgy balance tradition with topical homilies and educational opportunities in a majestic setting.  The music program is first class and an integral part of worship, particularly during holidays.

  4. Buildings & Location
    The church building, the rectory, and St. Peters Chapel provide beautiful, traditional and historic venues for St. Luke’s worship services and clergy.  Hoie Hall provides a charming barn-like setting for coffee hours, weddings and other events.  They are all set in beautiful East Hampton, a community well-known for its many charms. While ongoing maintenance will always be required, the facilities themselves are in superior condition.

  5. Financial Resources
     St. Luke’s is blessed with financial resources that allow it to satisfy its operating needs and support Christ’s mission.  In addition to annual stewardship pledges of $400,000 plus, St. Luke’s receives testamentary and trust distributions, and maintains significant investments in marketable securities and mutual funds.

pandemic highlights

In our commitment to demonstrate our love for our neighbors, our parish has reached out in numerous ways to help those in need, both near and far. During the COVID-19 pandemic we were determined to pray for, and support our community. 

  • In the early days of the pandemic, St. Luke's reached out to other places of worship, and together 10 congregations joined us to develop a "thank you" message that ran in local newspapers. Donations were made to two food pantries and to Meals-on-Wheels.
  • We initiated a "volunteer-to-parishioner" program that paired volunteers with homebound parishioners in need of food and groceries; 500 quarts of soup were prepared and delivered to seniors in East Hampton, Springs, Montauk, and Bridgehampton.


St. Luke's has an active congregation committed to faithful worship and service to our community. We lifted the Gospel off the pages and turned written word into action. As committed Christians, we continue to reach out to our neighbors and the community at large.

2020-2021 Highlights

  • Donated over $18,250 to 11 charities;
  • Raised  $5,000 to be used by families to purchase Christmas gives for 50 children; an additional $8,250 was provided for food, medication, warm clothing, and other necessities;
  • Donated $9,000 to Springs Food Pantry, East Hampton Food Pantry, and Project Most;
  • Collected warm clothing and toiletries for Maureen's Haven, Riverhead;
  • Funded Laundry Love program at East Hampton to provide eligible clients with coupons to cover washing/drying of three loads of laundry.

2021-2022 Highlights

  • Raised $9,000 in support of 12 nonprofit organizations within the East Hampton community;
  • Weekly food collection and delivery to East Hampton Food Pantry;
  • Revised Laundry Love outreach to better serve those in need. We have donated approximately $14,000 over the past six years.

the vestry

Below are Vestry liaison assignments as of July 2022 with The Rev. Joseph L. Cundiff, IV, Interim Priest-in-Charge

Tina Giles, 2023  |  Warden

  • St. Luke's Fair

Charles Riggi, 2024  |  Warden

  • St. Peter's Chapel

John W. Hadden, II, 2024  | Treasurer

Robert DeLaMater, 2025  |  Associate Treasurer

Lucy Kazickas, 2023  |  Secretary

  • Fellowship
  • Decorations

Mary Busch, 2023  

  • Building & Grounds

Caroline Dean, 2025

  • Outreach

Mark Nelson, 2024  

  • Stewardship


Roy Parker, 2024

  • Liturgy & Worship

Teresa Schurr, 2023

  • Faith Formation

Jeffrey Susan, 2025

  • Evangelism
  • Public Relations

compensation package

If you are interested in becoming Rector of St. Luke's, East Hampton, please contact: 

The Rev. Canon Claire Woodley, Transition Minister for the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island at (516) 248-4800 ext. 134 or via email at

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