The Rector's reflection

Dear Brothers and Sisters of St. Luke’s,

The season of Lent is upon us. We begin this time of self-reflection, fasting, giving alms, prayer and study to take a personal assessment of our interior life. It is a time of reconciliation with the Lord, ourselves and each other.  It's not a time of giving up things, unless we are giving up those things which are detrimental to our physical, spiritual and psychological well-being based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So for example: I might give up gossiping, spreading false information about people, excessive habits that pull me way from wholeness and personal integrity.  I might take up saying a kind word to someone I haven't spoken to in a while. I might correct those who spread false information so that the truth is heard. I might take up more prayer to deepen my relationship with God.

I might say away from social media for a while (a different type of fasting). I might spend more time with my spouse, partner, children, the lonely, the broken hearted.  Giving alms might be taking food to the food pantry, doing something charitable (like bringing groceries to a neighbor who might have a hard time going out, or even taking them with me when I go shopping).

Lent asks us to slow down from our hectic pace, take a breathe, be more attentive to myself, someone else and to God.

Let us together celebrate this time until we reach that glorious celebration of new life - Easter - the Resurrection of the Lord.

My blessings to each of you. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay kind to one another.

Fr. Denis+