Parish staff

  • Tara Brinka - Parish Administrator

    Tara began working at St. Luke's in 2009 as the Parish bookkeeper on a part-time basis. In 2011 she took on the duties of being our Parish Administrator as well. For questions about scheduling baptisms, weddings, funerals, or other congregational activities please call Tara in our front office at 631-329-0990 or email:

  • Colleen Stonemetz - Christian Education Director

    Colleen began working here at St. Luke's in 2012. She brings a lot of energy and dedication to her work to make sure that our children are learning not just about their faith but having an experience of that faith. She guides our committed Sunday school teachers who volunteer their time for our kids. For more information check out our Christian Education page or contact Colleen at 631-329-0990 or email:

  • Robert peterson - parish music and choir director

    Robert Peterson - Parish Music and Choir Director: Bobby began working as the Parish Music Director in 2008. He brings an enthusiasm to his ministry and is always looking for interested people to lend their voices to help make our worship experience more uplifting. Please contact him for more information or for volunteering to sing at

  • Oscar giles - verger

    Oscar is a lifelong member of St. Luke's and is a special fixture on Sundays here at St. Luke's. Serving as the Verger (a uniquely Anglican and Episcopal title) means that he makes sure all is ready for the services, keeps the records of statistics for services, helps people get around the building and is the keeper of the doors and ringer of the bells.