Christian education at St. Luke's

Christian Education is that part of our responsibility as baptized people to keep oursevles informed of our faith in Jesus Christ and to see that we and our "children continue in the apostles' teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayers." (Baptismal Covenant BCP 304).

Christian Education takes the form of Sunday School at 10am on Sunday, occasional adult forums and Bible Study. You and your children are invited to participate in any of these programs! Sunday school is on vacation for the Summer and will resume in the Fall. Please check back for our schedule. 

Our Sunday School begins with a worship service, upstairs in the Pre-K classroom beginning at 10am. We welcome all children to our Sunday School and Nursery program, and hope to see you!

As always, parents are encouraged to participate in our program as teacher’s aides and support staff members. Questions or Suggestions? Please contact Colleen Stonemetz, Director of Christian Education. 631-329-0990, ext. 20. 

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safe church ministry overview

sexual misconduct awareness and expectations of appropriate behavior

In 1991 the General Convention passed a resolution in which it declared that sexual abuse, exploitation, coercion and harassment of adults and minors by clergy and church employees are abuses of trust, a violation of the Baptismal Covenant, contrary to Christian character and are therefore wrong. The Church must be a safe place for all people, a place of respect, trust and caring. 

The Episcopal Diocese of Long Island is committed to upholding these values and maintaining an environment free of abuse of children and youth and of sexual exploitation and harassment of adults in its churches, schools and institutions. It is a commitment the Diocese requires all ministers of the Church, lay and ordained, to make and uphold. 

Please CLICK HERE to review the Long Island Diocese

page on this subject in full, including specific

policies for clergy. 

The clergy of our diocese, both priests and deacons are especially held to a high standard in upholding this sacred trust having taken on additional sets of promises, including the promise to pattern their life in accordance with the teachings of Christ in order to be “a wholesome example” to their people.

The Diocese of Long Island has policies that establish standards of behavior and “best practices” for all clergy, church employees and adults who work with children and youth and policies that establish standards and “best practices” for clergy, specified lay ministers and church employees. These policies can be reviewed on the Diocese web site, link just above. 

Persons who wish to report violations, suspected abuse, sexual exploitation or harassment may report such to their rector/clergy person in charge of the congregation (church warden in the absence of a clergy person in charge) or head of school (who will report this to the diocesan contacts) or directly to the Rev. Canon Patricia S. Mitchell, by email or phone (516) 248-4800 ext 166.  


Title IV of the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church requires every diocese to implement procedures for investigating and addressing allegations of misconduct on the part of any member of the clergy in the diocese. The diocese has these procedures in place.

Anyone may report information concerning possible misconduct by a clergy person in any of the following ways: a telephone call, e-mail, letter by mail or in person meeting by appointment. Such a report should be submitted to the Rev. Canon Patricia S. Mitchell, by email or phone (516) 248-4800 ext 166. 

Upon receipt of an allegation, the Intake Officer will notify the Bishop Diocesan, make preliminary inquiries as she deems necessary and submit a written report to the Bishop Diocesan and the President of the Disciplinary Board who will then meet together to determine appropriate actions and responses.