How you can help during the crisis

The Vestry recognizes the significant impact that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) health issue has had on our community, and especially our parish. The current situation has underscored our obligation to reach out to parishioners in need of assistance, both pastoral and social. 

The Vestry would like to establish a one-to-one relationship, consisting of a parishioner in need of assistance and a parishioner able to provide this assistance. This would involve periodic contacts, either in person, by phone, email, or text, to offer assistance with shopping, transportation to a medical appointment, or simply providing an opportunity for conversation. 

Please contact the Vestry members below if you know of someone who might welcome our assistance or if you would like to help provide that assistance.


Merle McDonald-Aaron



Marcie Sohm


Sal Tocci



Holly Whitmore

631.267.7852 (home)

631.255.8965 (cellphone)