Eleanor Whitmore Childcare Center - Kite day

We need volunteers!

St. Luke's Community Outreach Program

for Eleanor Whitmore Child Care Center

“Kite Day”


Kite Day Volunteer Opportunities


The EWCCC Kite Day is Saturday, May 25

2 pm to 5 pm

The event takes place on Main Beach, just east of the Main Beach Pavilion.

The event is open to all kids.

Participants will sign in, purchase a kite ($10) and go fly it!

(Accommodation will be made for those kids for whom payment is a problem)

Volunteers will be on hand to help kids who do not know how to fly a kite.


St. Luke’s has offered to provide volunteers for this fun day.

EWCCC staff will be available to “show you what to do.”


Volunteers are needed as follows:


  • Kite assembly – Wednesday and Thursday preceding.
  • Volunteers will go to the EWCCC to pre-assemble kites for the Saturday event.
  • Volunteers must sign up for this (security) but can then go whenever is convenient for them on one of those two days.
  • Set-up – day of event (1pm)
  • Volunteers will help set up tables and otherwise help set up.
  • This will involve some lifting tables and other things of some weight.
  • Crowd control – day-of-event (1:30 pm – 3 pm)
  • Volunteers will guide participants from the parking area to the event.
  • Parking will be provided near the Pavilion area and participants will walk to the beach area.
  • Crowd control – day-of-event (1:30 – 5 pm, in shifts)
  • Volunteers will help keep people off the dunes and other restricted areas.
  • Sign-in and kite distribution – day of event (1:30 – 2:30)
  • Volunteers will work at tables, signing in the participants and providing kites.
  • Roaming helpers – day-of-event (2 pm – 5 pm)
  • Kite “aficionados” will walk around, helping kids who are having trouble.
  • Take-down – (5 pm)
  • Volunteers will help removing tables, etc., and clean up.
  • This is the least glamorous but very important.